Tatiana and Ricky asked if it was possible to come out to their home to take engagement photos in Salem, MA and also at King's beach in Lynn, MA near Red Rock Park.  Having never been there before, we were definitely up for trying out the new spot!  

Salem, MA might be better known for its witch trials that took place in the 1600's, but it is also a lovely location for an engagement session.  The cobblestone streets and brick facades lend to Salem's historic feel, which were the motivating factor in Tatiana and Ricky's decision to be photographed here.  

After exploring Salem's historic center, we drove to the ocean side and walked along Lynn Shore Drive, checking out the great texture of the seawalls and walking along the water's edge.  This beach area is very dramatic and quite romantic, which was absolutely perfect for our session...

As the evening came to a close, Tatiana and Ricky let their balloons go free - a picturesque ending to a wonderful night.  Thank you for your great company and for an amazing session - we are so excited for you both!  Can't wait for next year! ~Nancy&Omer.